You may not be able to bring your mom coffee in bed this Mother’s Day, or perhaps you’ve been too old to do that for a few decades. But for those who want to pamper a mom in their life, the time to order is, er, NOW. Mother’s Day—May 10th in the United States of Slower Than Usual Shipping—is coming up fast. In the spirit of Mother’s Day and with love to all kinds of moms everywhere, we’ve compiled a few things we think might brighten Mom’s day until the whole fam can be together for coffee again.

Please note that all colloquial/social uses of the term “mom” are embraced, because anyone can be someone’s “coffee mom” with love from all of us at Sprudge. 

A Better Brewer

Does Mom’s Mr. Coffee need to be put out to pasture? Upgrade her with one of the quality offerings from Sweet Maria’s excellent selection, like a brand new Bonavita or Behmor automatic drip brewer. (Or perhaps she’d like to delve into AeroPress? Who knows, it’s a new world out there.)

A Beautiful Kettle

I got my own mom this beautiful kettle recently and not just because it’s her favorite color. It’s BPA-free and lifts right off the base for an easy pour. Perfect for preparing French Press, Clever dripper, or cups of tea. (Also features auto-shutoff and “boil-dry protection” in case your mom has a lot on her mind these days.)


Sure, it seems obvious, but have you thought about sending your mother some coffee? Order her a bag (or a subscription!) from your favorite roaster and help keep them afloat during this lousy economic time. Not sure where to buy coffee? Find a roaster near mom using our #StillRoasting coffee map.

A Cute Little Travel Cup

OK, so your mom may not be going for a lot of road trips right now, but is that any reason to deprive her of a delightful travel tumbler that makes her think of you? Celebrate her personal style with a variety of choices from KeepCup that she can enjoy at home or…well, really, hopefully, she’s staying at home right now. We love their cork line, made with sturdy tempered glass.

A Memorable Mug

Sure, all the cool coffee shops you know might already be “over” Heath Ceramics—but your mom isn’t. These always-tasteful favorite mugs are California-made and come in a variety of colors and sizes—a more timeless and invisible way to say “#1 Mom.”

A Lovely Coffee Grinder

Is there any better way to thank a person who kept you alive all those years than with a high quality electric burr grinder? I didn’t think so. You can pick up a top-notch Baratza grinder over at, and have them toss in a bag of some of LA’s finest coffee—or even some brewing gear, or maybe Mom wants a Dad Hat?—to boot. And remember, a good grinder is a gift not only to your mother but to you. No more roughing it next time you’re home for the holidays!

A Spot of Tea

I don’t know about your mom, but when my mom isn’t drinking coffee, she’s drinking tea. Or Diet Vernor’s. Whatever. You’ll find something for every mom at Kilogram Tea, whether she’d like easy-to-use organic pyramid teabags with both caffeinated teas and herbal tisane options or keepsake teaware like the Shitoro Yaki yunomi in red or blue.

Boastful Bumper Stickers

Even if Mom isn’t driving anywhere other than a curbside pickup, but if you’re a coffee pro, why not let her brag a little while she idles outside Safeway with a 100% official Sprudge “proud parent” bumper sticker?

A Vase That Brews Coffee

Can’t decide between a coffee-themed gift and traditional flowers? Who amongst us has not placed a fresh bouquet into our Chemex and thought we had invented something bold, beautiful, and new? Gift your mother this classic brewer and send flowers to go with them, and you’ll have offspring-of-the-year awards raining down upon you like a slow, aromatic drip.

Liz Clayton is the associate editor at Sprudge Media Network and is based in New York City. Read more Liz Clayton on Sprudge