The season is upon us for holiday shopping, and this year Sprudge is releasing a series of helpful guides for readers worldwide. This is our Sprudge Staff Guide—watch for our 2019 Founders Guide and Holiday Blends guide out in the next few days and happy shopping. Tell ’em Sprudge sent ya!

Origami Dripper

The manual brewing device used by two competitors at the 2019 World Brewers Cup—including champion Du Jianing—the Origami Dripper is as visually stunning as it is versatile, able to use both flat-bottom Kalita filters as well as conical v60s filters.


Sometimes you want coffee but not caffeine and not everyone keeps an emergency bag of decaf handy. With Decafino, you can steep out all the caffeine from you favorite brew (or espresso drink) with little to no effect on the flavor. The Decafino is a global gamechanger.

Drip Zine

Looking for a gift that’s NSFW? Coffee People founder Kat Melheim and Amethyst Coffee’s Claudia Campero’s DRIP Zine is a submission-based publication where coffee professionals can feel free to explore their illicit sides. Drip’s two issues from 2019 include “photography, poetry, short stories, illustrations, and other artwork” that “explore how we feel about our bodies, sex, gender, nudity, power, vulnerability, expression, and identity.” Issue Three drops early next year—gift the second issue from the Coffee People Zine shop.

AeroPress Go

The king of compact coffee just got compacter. The new AeroPress Go doubles down on its slim profile to offer an all-in-one solution to coffee on the go.

Ember 2

The Ember line of mug and travel mug got an upgrade just in time for the holidays and if there’s someone in your life that’s a computer programmer, or an online magazine columnist, or something with computers and needs to keep their coffee warm the Ember 2 mug and/or travel mug makes a tremendous (albeit a little pricey) gift this season.

Carter Everywhere Mug

If you want a travel mug that matches your Apple HomePod get the new Carter Everywhere Mug. It’s about $100 less than the Ember 2 listed above and it’s got a lot of good things going on: a tight seal so you can comfortably toss it in your bag with all your other things, a thin lip that feels good when you drink from it, it’s insulated to keep your coffee hot for a weirdly long time, and it just looks good. 

Ameuus AeroPress Filters

For those looking for reusable options or perhaps to get more body out of their AeroPress brews, look no further than the ameuus filters. Both the 01 and the 02 possess some of the smallest hole sizes on the reusable filter market, and they can be used in concert to filter out even more of the fines while letting the oils make it to the brew.

ZippyPaws Coffee & Donuts Squeaky Dog Toy

The perfect coffee gift for the dog (or small child you don’t know very well) in your life: a coffee mug and donut squeak-toy combo. The donuts go into the mug, forcing your pooch/small child to dig ’em out—just like people! It’s only eleven bucks and it’ll be a hit come Christmas morning.


FrankOne Brewer

Using vacuum technology, the FrankOne is one of the most novel home brewing devices to come out in the past few years. In just one minute’s time, the FrankOne can make a beautiful cup of coffee, and thanks to the battery-powered vacuum, it makes for a fairly portable brewer as well.

Yes Plz Weekly Subscription 

There’s really nothing else out there quite like the Yes Plz Weekly subscription—for $17 you’re sent an ever-changing blend of accessible, home filter machine ready coffee that goes perfect with that Bonavita or Moccamaster on your kitchen counter. It’s paired with an eclectic weekly print publication, featuring writing from a cadre of contributors around the world (including, occasionally, me). Come for the beans, stay for the zines, or vice versa.

Technivorm Moccamaster

Are you making batch brew filter coffee at home yet? If not, why? Honestly, we have gone on and on about this, to death, for a decade now, both on this website and in our book, but here we are again because the song remains the same and legends are lessons, they ring with truths: the Technivorm Moccamaster is great. Give this to a busy person who loves coffee, or a person who loves coffee but doesn’t know how to make the good stuff at home. Or just give it to yourself.

 Spirit Tea Sampler Sets

Tea is good, and it tastes great with coffee. We love Spirit Tea of Chicago’s approach to quality-focused tea in the 21st century, which pairs accessibility with quality sourcing and storytelling. Any one of these samplers would be a great gift for the beverage lover in your life.

Ceramic Airscape Canister

I’ve been using my Airscape canister for years now, both as a repository for my coffee and as the thing I put all my coffee stickers on. But when Planetary Designs came out with the new ceramic version earlier this year, I almost said goodbye to my faithful stainless steel version (almost. All those stickers though). A ceramic body and bamboo lid, the new Airscape Canisters keep your coffee fresh and look great doing it.

The Chemex

God made Peter Schlumbohm, and Peter Schlumbohm made the Chemex for us to be happy. It’s inarguably the prettiest coffee brewer, and it makes a great versatile gift—use it as a vase, a wine decanter, and yes, as a coffee maker.

Acaia Pearl Scale

The gold standard for all your weighing and measuring needs: trusted at home and in many of the finest cafes on the planet. Acaia’s minimalist design and expansive functionality fuses practicality with an eye-catching aesthetic form. A treasure for the coffee lover this holiday season.

Urnex Grindz 

You have to clean your coffee equipment to keep your coffee tasting good, but perhaps the most overlooked item at home is the grinder, and that’s a shame. Your grinder is ground zero for oils and bean detritus, all of which impacts the uniformity of your grind and thus, cup quality at the end of the line. Nobody knows the ins and outs of grinder like Urnex! Consider this like the pack of white underwear equivalent for coffee gift-giving—not, perhaps, the most exciting gift under the tree, but the one you’ll find yourself grateful for in the days to come.

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