There’s a new coffee company is roasting in Shenandoah Valley. Meet Aperture Coffee Roasters, a small operation lead by Shawn Garman and their partner Julien Garman along with Kevin Deans. Aperture rolled out on Instagram earlier this year and debuted on May 4th. Julien Garman designed the coffee packaging: we like the clean type and layout. Each offering has its own striking color with subtle striping. The bags are the popular stand-up matte laminate resealable pouches. We dig it! We spoke with the team at Aperture Coffee to learn more.

Tell us a bit about your company.

Aperture Coffee Roasters was founded in the Spring of 2018 and is based out of Woodstock, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. We’re a three-person team of a husband-and-wife duo (Shawn Garman is the CEO and head roaster, while Julien Garman mans the creative side of things), and our green sales coordinator and assistant roaster, Kevin Deans. With a strong focus on ethical sourcing and high-quality beans, we wanted to offer a cleaner, brighter cup of coffee for those interested in a more fulfilling coffee experience.

Who designed the package?

We’re really proud to say we designed everything in-house. Our co-founder, Julien Garman, has worked heavily in marketing and design for the past five years, so she was excited to take on this project. It took a lot of time and revisions, but we’re thrilled with how it turned out.

What coffee information do you share on the package?

On the front, we have our logo, roasting region (the Shenandoah Valley), the origin of the beans, tasting notes, and a special bag number. With Aperture being our central theme, we felt it’d be really fun to make each bag feel like it’s own work of art…so we number the bags so consumers know that what they’re getting is small-batch roasted and limited edition.

On the back, we tell a little of our story…how we started, and about our mission as a coffee roasting company. Of course, there are some promo pieces we couldn’t help but include (website, address, and Instagram) as well as the roast date. Then on our website, we talk about the farms where each bean is grown and sourced.

What’s the motivation behind that?

We wanted to be really thoughtful with every detail—from the angles on the front (mimicking light rays a la “aperture”) to the bag numbering feature—we wanted people to feel that they were really receiving something special. It was important that the design was as enticing and special as the coffee itself. Through the story on the back, we really wanted to share that we’re just a small team of people that are obsessed with coffee, hoping to spread a little joy with everyone who comes in contact with our beans.

Why are the aesthetics in coffee packaging so important?

Packaging is really the first impression you can have on someone before they try your beans. We felt it was imperative that from the moment our box reaches your doorstep to the moment that coffee hits your tastebuds, you’re not just drinking coffee—you’re truly experiencing it.

Where is the bag manufactured?

It’s made here in the USA (Wausau, Wisconsin) and all materials are sourced locally within the United States as well.

Where is it currently available?

Right now, it’s exclusively available online at, but will be featured in a few DC coffee shops this Fall!


Company: Aperture Coffee Company
Location: Woodstock, VA
Country: United States
Design Release: May, 2018
Designer: Julien Garman

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