The holidays can be stressful, and for all the joys that coffee brings, caffeine is said to increase the stress hormone called cortisol. So what’s a coffee person to do in these merry trying times to chill out but in a very coffee person way? A little CBD oil should do the trick. That’s why East London’s Minor Figures has come out with CBD Post-Coffee Drops, “to bring back balance, relaxation, and focus.”

Made of hemp distillate, coconut oil, and peppermint, the CBD Post-Coffee Oil is meant to be added to your coffee or administered sublingually, under the tongue. The active ingredient, Cannabidiol, works by counteracting caffeine’s effect on how the body interacts with adenosine; whereas caffeine “disrupts your body from receiving the effects of adenosine…CBD responds by upping the amount.” In short, the Post-Coffee Oil “should help ease the mind and irradiate the over anxious jitters,” per a Minor Figures press release. The effects are said to take five to 10 minutes to feel and will last between one and three hours.

And for you teetotalers out there, don’t worry, CBD Post-Coffee Oil won’t get you all wavy gravy; it lacks THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. And it is completely legal.

The CBD Post-Coffee Oil Drop are available in original and peppermint flavor and can be purchased through Minor Figures’ official website for £20 ($25 USD). They’d make a perfect stocking stuffer or, you know, something to keep for yourself to help make it through the most wonderful time of the year.

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Top image via Minor Figures

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