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Is there any place the brother Ferrari won’t put a coffee shop? Two years ago—and part of the Build-Outs of Summer no less—Austin and Tony opened Ferrari Barbershop and Coffee Co, a coffee shop that cohabited with, you guessed it, a barber shop. And now they are back at it with their newest Cincinnati outpost Fausto, a restaurant and coffee shop concept inside the Contemporary Art Center.

For their new location, the Ferrari brothers are importing some of the California ethos shared with one of their other cafes, Provender in San Francisco. Not only will Fausto focus on seasonally-inspired California cuisine but it include some other West Coast sensibilities, most notably a focus on natural wine and a composting program. But they are still keeping it very Cincinnati by working with longtime roasting partners Deeper Roots Coffee. These two worlds blend together in perfect harmony for an all-day cafe, for Fausto in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The 2019 Build-Outs of Summer is presented by Pacific Barista SeriesnotNeutralKeepCup, and Mill City Roasters.

As told to Sprudge by Austin Ferrari.

fausto cincinnati ohio

For those who aren’t familiar, will you tell us about your company?

Fausto is a restaurant that focuses on seasonal California cuisine inside of the world renowned Contemporary Art Center designed by Zaha Hadid in downtown Cincinnati. Fausto is an all day gathering place brought to you by the Ferrari Brothers. A restaurant with a coffee shop, lunch, mid-day food, and dinner (three courses for $39). We also have a very extensive wine program with wines from all over the world, most of which are bio-dynamic or naturally made. Fausto is a place where everyone is welcome through any hour of the day. Focusing on the same beliefs as art, we are ever so changing.

Can you tell us a bit about the new space?

Fausto is a contemporary designed restaurant to fit the space of the CAC. Fausto is named after our father who comes from Calabria, Italy. It was named after him because for my brother and I, our father is kind of an artist in his own light. He has worked in restaurants his entire life and we wanted to give back to the art of the restaurant work he has always done. Fausto comes equipped with everything you may need through your daily life.

What’s your approach to coffee?

Our approach you could say is definitely third wave. We like coffee that is clean, pure, and focused. My brother Tony and I have our own coffee blend (Ferrari Bros Blend) that is roasted by Deeper Roots Coffee Co. The blend is 50% washed Guatemalan and 50% natural Ethiopian. The biggest thing for us when it comes to coffee is making sure first and foremost we are using a clean and beautiful product and translating that to our baristas and to the guests. All baristas go through super extensive training, all of whom love what they do first and foremost. I think overall, we love to serve the best we can and what we know tastes great to us and others.

Any machines, coffees, special equipment lined up?

We are equipped with a custom painted La Marzocco Strada (painted by La Marzocco in Italy) and shipped to us. A Mahlkönig PEAK espresso grinder. A FETCO drip tower and a Mahlkönig EK43S. Coffee is a love for us and so is the equipment.

fausto cincinnati ohio

How is your project considering sustainability?

Our restaurant Fausto not only uses amazing, sustainable coffee from a trusted source and location but the restaurant as a whole focuses on using sustainable ingredients (everything is from within the midwest on the food menu). The wine is at least all almost sustainable. Plus, we are one of the only restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio to be composting. Composting is basic rule in California but here in Cincinnati, nobody does it, but in our restaurant it is mandatory.

What’s your hopeful target opening date/month?

June 24th we open for morning service and lunch. A few weeks after we will open up the mid-day menu and dinner.

fausto cincinnati ohio

Are you working with craftspeople, architects, and/or creatives that you’d like to mention?

I think we would like to thank the entire staff at the Contemporary Arts Center. Our good friend and architect Daniel Ewald in San Francisco. Joe Girandola and Richard Wolhoy who are two amazing artists here in Cincinnati. Plus, our family for insight.

Thank you!

Thank you all for the love and support in what my brother and I do. We hope to have you in soon. Whether for a coffee or for a meal and wine. Cheers!

Fausto is located at 44 E 6th St., Cincinnati. Visit their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Photos by Brianna Long

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