Coffee brands: always trying to get me to buy things, you know? Like, we get it, you make coffee stuffs and need to receive currency for them in order to “not go out of business,” but c’mon, why can’t you just sell stuff for free?. Luckily Brewista—the makers of a wide variety of coffee equipment—have heard my penurious cries and just released Brewista Printables, all for free.

But because nothing in life is ever truly free, there is a catch; you have to have access to a 3D printer. Brewista Printables are free downloadable designs that can then be 3D printed and used in concert with other Brewista products. The first drop includes two designs meant for use with their Smart Scale: a two espresso cup platform and a drip tray support. A third design—a portafilter stand—is coming soon.

The idea for Brewista Printables was borne out of the need to meet international needs without wholesale redesigns to existing products:

“We are fortunate that people in the coffee industry often bring us ideas for new products but it doesn’t make sense to take all of those ideas to market. Some ideas solve the problems of a very small niche,” said Brewista brand manager Christian Krause. “A key European distributor asked about making a two-cup platform for the Smart Scale, but there’s not much demand for that in the U.S. Creating the design with 3D software was relatively simple and quick.”

And if none of these designs move the needle for you, Brewista will be launching new Printables as they are designed and are even taking suggestions on what you the consumer would like to see. So if you’ve got an idea, shoot them a message at

I’ve already submitted my idea for a fully functional barista automaton that always makes coffee five minutes before I wake up, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. It’s a pretty good idea, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to make it.

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