I love a good box set. Put a few different coffees in fun packaging and I’m destined to buy one. And the good folks over at New Zealand’s Flight Coffee know how to put together a box set. One fourth of the international Wush Wush collab from earlier this year, Flight Coffee have just released another box set—the Maverick series—that takes a similar approach to the Wush Wush but with an entirely different coffee.

Like with the Wush Wush, this new box set features the same coffee from the same farm but processed three different ways: washed, natural, and honeyed. This time, the coffee is a Geisha from the Coatepec region of Mexico. There aren’t a lot of Geishas to come out of Mexico, which makes this an exciting coffee to see, but it’s doubly exciting to get to try it processed three different ways.

This particular Geisha was grown at 1270 MASL on the Garabandal farm by Mario Fernandez Sanchez. Flavors in this coffee range from blackberry and peach to rosewater to ginger and lemon.

Flight Coffee’s Garabandal Geisha box set consists of 100 grams of each of the processing methods and can be purchased for $45 NZD (roughy $32 USD). For more information on the Maverick Series, the Garabandal Geisha, or to purchase your own box sex, visit Flight Coffee’s official website.

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*top image via Flight Coffee

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