You there, the barista with the bags under their eyes. You could use a vacation. How does a few days on a Grecian beach sound? Pretty great, right? Now how about if you spent a little time in between colorful drinks with little umbrellas in them to grow in your career and meet likeminded coffee professionals? If this sounds like your sort of holiday, then the Barista Guild has just the thing. Taking place September 10th through 13th in Anavissos, Greece, Barista Camp Europe is a three-day educational event for baristas of all skill levels looking to hone their craft.

The core of Barista Camp Europe revolves around the SCA’s Coffee Skills Program, with focuses including: an introduction to coffee, barista skills, brewing, green coffee, sensory skills, and roasting. At the completion of the training, an optional certification is available to Barista Camp participants. Along with lectures and tastings, new to this year’s event are a host of non-certified workshop tracks for “those looking to expand their knowledge outside of the Coffee Skills Program.” The workshops include:

  • Cherry To Seed: Experiments In Fermentation
  • Crafting Seasonal Cold Brew Recipes
  • Dissecting the Espresso Machine
  • Exploring Roast Profiles
  • The Foundation of Tea
  • Water Chemistry: Beyond H2O

And because Barista Camp is taking place right next to a beach, the Barista Guild has planned “social activities in the evenings [to] help baristas relax and connect with new friends from all over Europe.”

Tickets for Barista Camp Europe can be purchased via the events’s website, with Early Bird pricing still available, ranging from €595 to €845. €100 and €50 discounts are available to Barista Guild members and non-members, respectively, as well as a group rate for parties of four or more. For more information on the discounts, ticketing, or the event itself, visit the Barista Camp’s official website.

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