If there’s one grinder brand coffee professionals and home users alike can agree on, it’s Baratza. Sure, everyone wants a towering Mahlkönig EK43 to act as a literal pillar to your coffee devoutness, but who’s got the counter clearance for that? I know I don’t (but Mahlkönig, if you’re listening and want to send me one, I’ll remove a cabinet or two to make it work). Baratza is the best of both worlds that exists in both worlds. You’re just as likely to find an Encore or a Sette at your coffee-geek friend’s house as you are to see a Forte at your local cafe brew bar.

And now the Bellevue, Washington company is taking the 800-mile trip down the I-5 to the Bay Area for an event on Wendesday, August 21st. Taking place The Crown in Oakland, Meet The Maker: Baratza – Grinder Quality Inside and Out is a grinder deep dive for all levels of coffee geekery.

Baratza Support and Service Managers Pierce Jens and Quinn Anderson, respectively, will be on- and for the first-of-its-kind road event, where they will be leading a variety of topics as they relate to the company’s grinder roster. The day begins with a “how and why” of Baratza’s grinder design and build, specifically as it relates to “performance, value, and sustainability.” This will be followed by a “tips and tricks” session to learn ways to improve the quality of your brew and maintain your grinder.

And perhaps the coolest part of the event, at least for current Baratza owners, the Support and Service team will troubleshoot and fix when possible any issues ailing their grinders. FOR FREE. As someone who recently got their grinder kajiggered by a not-so-tiny rock in a bag of Chiapas, this is the part of the even that speaks to me. Or I guess I could stop being so lazy and recalibrate it myself—it’s really not that hard—but then who would be there to keep you abreast of all the coffee news?

Meet The Maker then caps off the night with beer, wine, and appetizers as well as a test of your grind knowledge that could result in you winning a brand new Baratza grinder.

Meet The Maker: Baratza – Grinder Quality Inside and Out is completely free to attend, but registration via Eventbrite is required, which can be done so here. Don’t just show up with a handful of grinder parts expecting them to find the little plastic detent you lost somewhere along the way (definitely NOT speaking from experience here); you’ve gotta have a ticket. And as of writing this, there so just 30 remaining, so if you want to go, you should act fast. It all kicks off 5:00pm on Wednesday, August 21st and The Crown in Oakland. For more information, visit the Meet The Maker: Baratza – Grinder Quality Inside and Out Eventbrite page.

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