Coffee Masters is coming to Los Angeles! After four years in New York City, the multi-faceted coffee competition is hopping coasts to the Golden State. Taking place November 8th through 10th, Coffee Masters will be making its West Coast debut at the Los Angeles Coffee Festival, and applications to compete are now open!

For those yet to experience it, Coffee Masters is a rip-roaring, multi-disciplinary competition where coffee professionals go head-to-head in a tournament style battle for barista supremacy and $5,000 cash money. Individuals will have their mettle tested across seven competitions: cupping, brewing, latte art, signature drinks, espresso blend creation, origin identification, and “the order round,” where they will have to proficiently make up to 10 different espresso-based drinks from an order docket.

Thanks to the immediacy of the scoring for many of the rounds—either you made more drinks/identified more origins/made better latter art or you didn’t—Coffee Masters is one of the more fun for on-lookers, which lends itself to a pretty raucous atmosphere. It’s a good time to be had by all.

And you can be part of that good time. Allegra Events, the company that puts on Coffee Masters, is accepting applications to compete through September 8th. Applications must include the completed questionnaire (found here), a one to two minute video where you introduce yourself and create your own “LA Lifestyle”-inspired signature beverage, and one head shot; this is LA after all. Competitors with the best application will then move on to compete at Coffee Masters.

For more information about the application process, the rules, or the event itself, visit the Coffee Masters official website.

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