In a surprising twist to the news widely reported yesterday, turns out Aerobie, Inc. is still owned by founder Alan Adler. According to Alex Tennant, the General Manager of Aerobie, Inc. who spoke with us exclusively, the Toronto-based toy company Spin Master did not acquire the Palo Alto flying disc and coffee brand after all, but only certain assets related to the outdoor sports arm of Aerobie, Inc.

From an email this morning, Tennant writes:

Spin Master did not purchase Aerobie, Inc. It only purchased our assets related to our sport toy business. The Spin Master press release was wrong. Aerobie, Inc. is still 100% owned by Alan Adler and the AeroPress coffee maker business is still owned by Aerobie, Inc. If Alan does eventually sell the AeroPress coffee maker business, in spite of Alan’s background, it will likely not be to a toy company.

For AeroPress coffee fans this might come as a relief, as with all the news circulating yesterday there was nary a mention of the fate of the beloved brewer. We are following this story closely and will update you all as it unfolds.

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