Sprudge presents a compendium of brew guides. These guides were carefully crafted with the guidance and expertise of Go Get Em Tiger‘s Matthew P. Williams and brought to life in dazzling technicolor from photographer Bryan Schiele. Each guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to make a nice coffee at home, along with quick-tips and handy videos along the way. Enjoy!

How To Brew With A Kalita Wave Coffee Maker

Kalita was established in Tokyo, Japan in the late 1950s. The company specializes in drip-based coffee-making equipment—coffee mills, kettles, and pour-over devices. The Kalita Wave began popping up in US cafes in 2012 and took the coffee world by storm. It boasts a flat bottom, which proponents of the Wave claim allow for a more even brew.

How To Brew With An AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is a darling among coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and for good reason. Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, the device has become a staple in professional coffee bars and home kitchens over the last decade. Adler is an amazing guy—he’s big on the idea that any of us can be an inventor, and even taught inventing to 7th graders each year in his home city of Los Altos, California.

How To Brew With A Hario V60 Coffee Maker

The Hario V60 Coffee Maker is a pour-over brewer, and a certified Sprudge favorite that’s perfect for brewing with at home. The V60 was invented in 2004 and is manufactured in Japan by Hario. The name stems from its distinct V shape and 60º angle. The brewer is available in various materials—glass, plastic, metal, and our personal favorite, ceramic (used in this guide).

How To Brew With A Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker is a classic pour-over brewer and longtime Sprudge favorite that’s perfect for brewing with at home. Invented in the 1940s and presently manufactured in western Massachusetts, the set-up required for brewing with a Chemex couldn’t be easier. All you need is a Chemex, some official Chemex filter papers, a scale, a kettle, and delicious coffee.

How To Brew With A Siphon Coffee Maker

The coffee siphon (or vac-pot) experienced a renaissance among coffee professionals around 2007. In its heyday, baristas wielded siphons as they wielded portafilters: up dosed, interpretively under-extracted, and shrouded in a wizard’s cloak of theater and pocket science. While some cafes still offer siphons, it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was—but that doesn’t mean it’s not delightful and delicious!