The World of Coffee at the Messe Convention Center in Berlin was abuzz over the first weekend of June 2019. That’s when four incredible world coffee champions were crowned for excellence in latte artistry, coffee cocktail mixology, cup tastery, and Ibrik brewability.

Here are the four new coffee champions from the World of Coffee.

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Manuela Fensore of Italy is your 2019 World Latte Art Champion!

The 2019 World Latte Art Champion is Manuela Fensor of Italy.

Here are the scores and rankings from the top six:

1. Manuela Fensore, Barlady Café Academy, Italy 449
2. Hao-Yuan Chen, Independent, Taiwan 416
3. Liu Guo Qiang, Sanshierli Academy, China 413.5
4. Oneway Dash, Oneway, South Korea 404
5. Hiroki Ito, Sarutahiko Coffee, Japan 397.5
6. Peter Chan, Coco Espresso, Hong Kong 392

*rankings were adjusted after a scoring oopsie described here.

Dan Fellows of the United Kingdom is your 2019 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion!

The 2019 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion is Dan Fellows of the UK.

Here are the scores and rankings from the top six:

1. Dan Fellows, Origin Coffee, United Kingdom 355
2. Tim Lam Wing Fat, Cupping Room Coffee Roasters, Hong Kong 339.5
3. Agnieszka Rojewska, Independent, Poland 318
4. Manos Mamakis, The Underdog Roasters, Greece, 277
5. Nicole Battefeld, Röststätte, Germany 274
6. Arnon Thitiprasert, Ristr8to, Thailand 256.5

Your 2019 Cezve/Ibrik Champion is Sergey Blinnikov of Russia!

The 2019 Cezve/Ibrik Champion is Sergey Blinnikov of Russia.

Here is the ranking for the top six:

1. Sergey Blinnikov, Russia
2. Tetiana Tarykina, Ukraine
3. Sinan Muslu, Germany
4. Filip Valentin, Romania
5. Dimitris Karampas, Greece
6. Koray Erdogdu, Turkey

Your 2019 World Cup Tasters Champion is Daniel Horbat of Ireland!

The 2019 World Cup Tasters Champion is Daniel Horbat of Ireleand.

Here is the ranking order of the top four:

1. Daniel Horbat, Ireland
2. Dajo Aertssen, France
3. Josh Clarke, UK
4. Dulce Barrera, Guatemala

Photos by Arthur Soares for Sprudge.

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