Hark, can you hear the coo-coo-ca-chas from the summer birds? Can you feel the gentle caress of the summer breeze? Can you taste the flavors of this year’s hottest iced coffee beverage? As can we! Which also means that it is time for the Build-Outs of Summer, Series Six!

Six long (very long) years ago we stumbled upon a new feature series on Sprudge focused on the cool summer mornings and long summer nights spent creating new cafes. The first spot we featured was called Artifact Coffee, in Baltimore. Over the following half-decade, summertime on Sprudge has been spent delving deep into the global world of new cafes, documenting them far and wide, featuring dozens, no hundreds of the hottest cafes around the world in an ongoing narrative of coffee cultural growth and expansion. We yearn for the thrill of the build! We’re ready to kick the dang thing off again.

Submit your cafe now for the 2018 Build-Outs of Summer feature series. 

This is an open call to be featured in the 2018 Build-Outs of Summer series on Sprudge. Here’s what we’re looking for!

  • New cafes under construction between May and September of 2018
  • Cafe remodels that will be completed by September 2018
  • Tiny new cafes built on zero budget
  • Expansive new cafes that push coffee design concepts forward
  • Cute coffee bicycles and such
  • Southern Hemisphere cafes are welcome—we love a good Fit-Out of Winter.


These Build-Outs features are more than just cafe previews—they are a snapshot of where the global coffee culture, and where it’s headed next. This year’s season will kick off shortly. Are you on the list?

Contact us today and submit your cafe for the 2018 Build-Outs of Summer feature series. 

Explore every last Build-Out over the last half decade in our archives.

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