As we begin rolling out our many holiday gift guides—each more authoritative and indispensable than the last—it means we spend time exploring through the various and sundry retail portfolios of the world’s leading coffee companies, looking for holiday blends, choice gear bundles, and anything unusual that might catch our eye. All was well, and not a creature was stirring, until we stumbled upon potentially the greatest coffee Christmas contest of all time: St. Ali’s Wonka-esque Christmas Pudding Gold Coin Giveaway.

Allow us to explain.

Our partners at St. Ali Family are selling delicious, seasonally delightful Xmas puddings this year, made to an old family recipe from Family chef Andy Gale’s nana. With our fingers set squarely on the pudding pulse, we reached out to St. Ali to learn more. Turns out this pudding is a whole situation. We’re talking currants, raisins, sultanas, peel, sugar, almonds, apple, suet, mixed spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, breadcrumbs, eggs, milk, salt, and of course, brandy. The pud comes wrapped in a distinctive tea towel, printed with a #grateful riff on the St. Ali logo like so:


We get excited about Christmas pudding, but not as excited as we get about the next part. 5 puddins have been secretly stashed with a gold coin inside, receipt of which entitles the lucky finder to his or her choice of FREE BREAKFAST EVERY 2 WEEKS throughout 2015 at St. Ali, or 250g of coffee delivered to your door for the entire year. The breakfast prize is obviously of essential benefit to Melbourne residents, and sadly does not include airfare to Melbourne for non-residents, but if you’re living elsewhere in the world, fear not! Delivery of St. Ali’s substance of choice is available globally, and to sweeten the pot, they’re kicking in a $500 Hario pack for international pudding prize holders.

Shop for delicious and potentially prize-laden Christmas pudding here. 

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