Welcome to finalist voting for the 11th Annual Sprudgie Awards, presented by Pacific Barista Series. From a global pool of nominees comes a final list of finalists: eight choices per each category, plus the opportunity to write-in the candidate of your choice. Please vote using the ballot here, and share this post to encourage your communities to vote. Voting is absolutely free and open to all thanks to our sponsors at Pacific Barista Series—thank you Pacific!

Voting for the 11th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, January 3rd 2020. Vote here!

Notable Roaster

This award honors a roaster doing exemplary work in 2019. This may include roasted coffee quality, strength of e-commerce, cafe locations (if applicable) and all other facets of running a successful coffee roaster. This year’s nominees are:

Dune Coffee Roasters (Santa Barbara, California)
Dear Green Coffee Roasters (Glasgow, Scotland)
Mother Tongue Coffee Roasters (Oakland, California)
Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas)
Hola Coffee (Madrid, ESP)
YES PLZ WEEKLY (Los Angeles, California)
Market Lane (Melbourne, AUS)
Ditta Artigianale (Florence, IT)

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Notable Coffee Producer

This award honors outstanding work by a coffee producer at origin. This year’s nominees are:

Damian Chavez — Honduras
Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia — Mexico (Mayan Harvest Coffee)
La Palma y El Tucan — Colombia
Long Miles Coffee Project — Burundi
Tesfaye Bekele — Ethiopia (Suke Quto)
Virgelina Perdomo — Colombia (Finca El Diamante)
Don Fabio Caballero — Honduras (Finca San Francisco)
Juan Peña — Ecuador (Hacienda La Papaya)

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Best New Product

This awards honors a new coffee product released for public use in the year 2019. This year’s nominees are:

AeroPress Go by AeroPress
Carter Everywhere Mug by Fellow Products
La Marzocco KB90
FrankOne Brewer
Acaia Pearl S
Sanremo Brave
Wilfa Uniform Grinder
Ember Mug²

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Best Coffee Video/Film

This award honors an original coffee video or film released in the year 2019. This can include feature films, short films, promotional videos or social media clips. The nominees are:

James Hoffmann (YouTube)
Chris Baca (YouTube)
Seattle Coffee Gear (YouTube)
“Baristas” (Rock Baijnauth)
“Breaking The Crust” (Stumptown Coffee)
“Wax & Gold” (Stumptown Coffee)
“Coffee Farmers Hopeful For Their Dying Crops” (National Geographic)
“Coffee” from SHOP: A Pop Opera by Jack Stauber (Adult Swim)

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Best Coffee Writing

This award celebrates the best coffee writing of the year. This year’s nominees are:

Umeko Motoyoshi, “The @WastingCoffee Guide To Not Wasting Coffee”
Ashley Rodriguez, Boss Barista
RJ Joseph, The Knockbox
Brian Williams, Brian’s Coffee Spot
Arielle Rebekah Gordon, Trans & Caffeinated
Anonymous, Vancouver Coffee Snob
Amanda Mull, “The Rise of Coffee Shaming” (The Atlantic)
Jonathan Gagné, Coffee Ad Astra

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Best Coffee Magazine

This award honors an outstanding coffee magazine or print publication release. This year’s nominees are:

25 Magazine (USA)
Coffee People Zine (USA)
Roast Magazine (USA)
Solo Magazine (Spain)
Standart (Slovakia)
The Coffee Magazine (South Africa)
Drift (USA)
Revista Espresso (Brazil)

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Best Social Media

This award honors outstanding work across social media platforms. This year’s nominees are:

@FellowProducts (Instagram)
@getchusomegear (Instagram)
@50percentarabica (Instagram)
@dayglowcoffee (Instagram)
@shitfrommykitchen (Instagram)
@ditriech (Twitter)
@wastingcoffee (Instagram)
@nicely85 (Instagram)

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Best Coffee Podcast

This award honors outstanding work in the podcast medium. This year’s nominees are:

Cat & Cloud
Boss Barista
Keys to the Shop
La Crema: Podcast de Cafe
Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast
Filter Stories
The Specialty Coffee Association Podcast

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Best Design/Packaging

This work honors notable design or packaging work in coffee. Nominees may include coffee products, coffee bags, coffee logo or graphic design work, or any other example of outstanding coffee design. This year’s nominees are:

Camber Coffee Artists Series (Bellingham, WA)
Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Fjord Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany)
Hard Beans Coffee Roasters (Opole, Poland)
Intelligentsia Coffee (Chicago, IL)
Joe Coffee (New York City, NY)
Talormade Coffee (Oslo, Norway)
YEZ PLZ WEEKLY (Los Angeles, CA)

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Best New Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe that has opened in 2019. This year’s nominees are:

Intelligentsia Coffee (Austin)
Canary Coffee Bar (Milwaukee)
The Coffee Movement (San Francisco)
Formative Coffee (London)
The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room (Oakland)
Prototype Coffee (Vancouver, BC)
Wrecking Ball Coffee (Berkeley, CA)
Substance Cafe (Paris)

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Sustainable Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe for prioritizing sustainable environmental stewardship. This can include zero waste practices, pursuing a reduced carbon footprint, and highlighting sustainable coffees and products. This year’s nominees are:

Oddly Correct — Kansas City, Missouri
3FE – Dublin, Ireland
Isla Coffee — Berlin, Germany
Bar Nine — Los Angeles, California
Counter Culture Coffee Training Centers — United States
Miss Margaret — Preston, Victoria, Australia
Horizon Line Coffee — Des Moines, Iowa
Crema Coffee — Nashville, Tennessee

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Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence

This award is presented each year to a remarkable coffee person, organization, cause, or entity that embodies coffee excellence. This is our most prestigious award. This year’s nominees are:

Alice Wong of Disability Visibility Project
Chris McAuley of Getchusomegear
Coffee At Large
Jooyeon Jeon, 2019 World Barista Champion
Peter Giuliano of Coffee Science Foundation and SCA
T. Ben Fischer of Glitter Cat Barista Boot Camp
Virginia Bauman of Cuties and Go Get Em Tiger
Margaret Nyamumbo of Kahawa 1893

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Voting for the 11th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, January 3rd 2020.