Exterior of Purrburger location on NE MLK and Killingsworth. (via Google)

Exterior of Purrburger location on NE MLK and Killingsworth. (via Google)

What goes better with a nice sloppy burger and fries? A mug of coffee and a side order of cute! That’s what Purr Daddy’s Cat Lounge owners think, and they’re testing this theory with a brand new Portland burger joint called “PurrBurgers” slated to open later this year. The spot will be located at the intersection of NE MLK and Killingsworth, in north Portland.

“With the success of our cat cafe, we want to branch out,” says owner Sean Stephens, who helped open Purr Daddy’s Cat Lounge last fall in Portland’s Foster-Powell neighborhood. The team at Purr Daddy’s have collaborated with Portland micro-chain Gnarly Burger to create a special menu designed to appeal to both cats and humans, sometimes in the same shared bite. Fluffy forever friends will be available for adoption on-site, and the restaurant will feature a pairings menu for those who wish to dine avec un chat; think onion rings with a saucer of strawberry milk, catnip mocktails, and minced tuna tartare for two (one person, one cat).

“There’s no actual cat on the menu,” said Dudebro Mojave, co-founder of Gnarly Burger. “I don’t know why people keep asking us that. This is about rescuing cats, not eating them.” But what about Purr Daddy’s popular brewed coffee service? That’ll be available. “Sure, you can get some Fetco to go,” Mojave told Sprudge. “The bus tub’s over there.

Sprudge has an exclusive advance look at four delicious, delightful sandwiches that will be anchoring the opening day menu at PurrBurger.


The KeeKee:

8 ounce beef patty, medium rare

Lettuce, onions, pickles, tomato, and butter

Scratch-made Sriracha-yogurt sauce

2 ounce pan-seared sashimi grade Ahi tuna

Served with a circulating water dish.


The Baby D:

4 ounce chicken patty with red pepper and shallots

Tiny portion of pickles

Light mayo on the bun.


The Erskine:

Two 6 ounce all-beef patties

Duck tongue pastrami

Special sauce with extra anchovies

Served on the couch.


The Oyster:

An unexpectedly large turkey patty

Fluffy lettuce, floppy pickles, and pork belly confit

Single raw oyster on the side, for sniffing.

Watch Sprudge for more cat coverage and stay tuned for an opening day co-exclusive look inside PurrBurgers. 

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