We are living in unprecedented times. Each new day throws us another curve ball, another wrinkle we must learn to navigate. Here at Sprudge we’ve been doing our darnedest to keep you up to date on all the COVID-19 news as it relates to the coffee industry. We’ve offered a few ideas on ways to continue to support the companies you love via purchase, tip, and virtual tip jar donations. We’ve published voices from around the globe on how the pandemic is affecting them. We’ve helped supply easy ways to order coffee from home, set yourself up a nice subscription, and contact your congressperson.

But now we want to hear from you, the readers. We want to know about your COVID-19 experiences and how it is impacting your lives. Please answer the 10 questions below—we’ll be compiling and publishing the results next week to better understand where the industry stands right now, and your inputs will help inform our reporting in the weeks and months to come.

Be safe out there and thank you for reading Sprudge.