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Since 2012 we’ve taken part in a series of coffee conferences called Let’s Talk Coffee, presented by our friends and partners at Sustainable Harvest, a Portland, Oregon-based green coffee importer. Unique, origin-focused and wildly international, Let’s Talk Coffee’s previous speakers list is a who’s who of top coffee minds, from Dr. Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, to Dr. Sunalini Menon, the godmother of Indian specialty coffee, to Oliver Strand, a food and coffee writer known for his work with Vogue, Bon Appétit, and the New York Times.

This coming March the event series will make its first appearance in Australia with Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee, a three day conference happening March 12th–14th in conjunction with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Speakers include multiple Sprudgie-Award-winning producers (Rachel Peterson of Hacienda La Esmeralda, Emilio Lopez-Diaz of Finca El Manzano), noted coffee experts from Africa (such as Angélique Karekezi of Rwashoscco, an essential Rwandan farmer’s organization), roasters from North America and Australia, and much more, including Sprudge.com’s own Australian staff writer and the publisher of Birds of Unusual VitalityEileen P. Kenny.

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Guests at Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee can expect tasting sessions, training opportunities, lively marketplace discussions, sublime networking, and an international flair that’s anything but coffee business as usual. Tickets are now on sale for LTRC, and you can learn much more about the event from Sustainable Harvest.

While you’re at it, dig in for more coverage from our Let’s Talk Coffee archives.

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