Halloween is today here in the United States, that means a lot of spooking, some scary looking ghouls and goblins roaming the treats in search of tribute, and markedly less thought being put into content across all corners of the internet. It’s Friday. It’s Halloween. Let’s look at some spooktacular latte art and maybe eat some candy corn and be done with it.


Oooh, here’s a fiendishly terrifying demon skull latte art design shared out by Square on Twitter. They discovered it courtesy of the Charlotte Daily Press.


Yikes! This ghoulish coffee & milk creation reminds us of Stephen Gammell’s actually quite terrifying illustrations for Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark. The design comes from Burial Grounds in Olympia, Washington, where everyday is Halloween.


Ewwwww! It’s a creepy spooky spider in your latte, oh no! This haunting image comes to us from Alison Tyler on Twitter. The scariest thing about this latte art? It was shot in….PORTRAIT MOOOOOOOOOODE


Ghosts! Tombstones! Etching! The Cupps App posted this photo to Twitter and now we can’t sleep at night.

Here’s the “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” clip from 30 Rock, just because.


Here’s a spooky little ghost. He’s spooky but he’s also kinda cute. We found this spooky cutie on Pinterest.


Oh no it’s Freddy Krueger (as poured by Michael Breach)! Remember him? Freddy was the star of a series of semi-popular 1980’s teen slasher films called “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, which we mostly remember today for producing the timeless Will Smith horror rap single, “Nightmare On My Street.”

Neither this song or those movies were really any good, but that Freddy Krueger latte art is pretty boss.

This is a much better Halloween song, “Mr. Ghost Goes To Town” by The 5 Jones Boys.


It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is a seasonal delight, and this interpretation comes from @Belcorno_latte, a Tokyo-based latte art specialist who posts on the website Tokyo Otaku Mode.


Here is Cthulu, H.P. Lovecraft’s dark tentacled demon overlord of the universe, in latte art form. Appropriately enough this image was featured on the website Dorkly.



Here is the scariest latte art of them all, posted by Taylor Swift and recently featured elsewhere on Sprudge. The brainless zombies commenting on T-Swifty’s Instagram add an extra dose of undead ghoulishness to this already deeply disturbing image.

Happy spooky Halloween!