Someone broke in at TW last night!

Et bilde publisert av Talor Browne (@tataterrific)

Tim Wendelboe, the internationally acclaimed cafe and roastery owned and operated by World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, was the victim of a late-night looting last evening in Oslo. Roaster Talor Browne was the first to report the crime via Instagram:

Some asshole broke in to our shop last night.

A photo posted by Tim Wendelboe (@timwendelboe) on

Tim Wendelboe of Tim Wendelboe was on the scene shortly after Browne’s post. This is what the door looked like before it was broken:

The door, unbroken. (via

The door, unbroken. (via

The question on everyone’s lips is…what did the burglars burgle? Espresso machines? Aeropress trophies made of solid gold? James Hoffmann’s World Atlas of Coffee???

Turns out, the criminal element was only after one thing: coffee.

The perpetrators are still at large, and one Instagram commenter suggests that this robbery might be connected with a similar crime, in which cheesecake and coffee were stolen from Bergen Kaffebrenneri in 2013.

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