The Internet can’t get enough of Socality Barbie, the Instagram account of a hip barbie who enjoys the wilderness, perfectly placed succulents, and living an authentically curated life. This Barbie has really struck a nerve: is she aspirational? Is it possible to be *jealous* of a post-ironic Barbie social media account? Are we meant to judge her? Or is she a reminder of how superficial we all really are?

I don’t have the answers, but I do know what’s not superficial, and that’s drinking coffee. Just ask Agent Cooper. A damn fine cup of coffee can bring people together. So I asked Socality Barbie if she wanted to get a cup of coffee with me.

Ok, whatever, we did it virtually, but that doesn’t make it any less authentic.

What are you drinking today Socality Barbie?

I’m either drinking a cortado or a gibraltar. I can never tell the difference!

No one can! But now I wish I had ordered that too. Is that your favorite coffee drink?

It’s my favorite to photograph but I typically drink drip coffee.

It’s true that drip coffee just doesn’t have the same effect once you photograph it. But it’s authentic, that’s for damn sure. Speaking of which, what do you think is the most authentic way someone can go about drinking coffee?

1: Set coffee on the floor
2: Place backpack and latest Kinfolk magazine artfully next to coffee
3: Take too many pictures to count
4: Drink lukewarm coffee

I think our readers are really going to appreciate that tip. The world definitely needs more authentic coffee drinkers. But let’s change the subject and talk about more exciting things—I’ve seen you do some more adventurous coffee adventures, and I’m curious, where is the coolest place you have ever had coffee?

The coolest place I’ve ever had coffee was at the edge of an active volcano. I used the heat from the lava to warm the water to make my pour-over.

Wow. I drank coffee with charcoal in it once, we were obviously meant to be BFFs. I have to ask though, reusable mug or paper cup?

Mugs photograph better but paper cups always have the branding… it’s a toss-up!

Word. That logo would look pretty good with the Crema filter. Instagram was so smart coming up with a special coffee filter. Get it? Double entendre. Sorry, I digress. Let’s be honest: do you bring your own grinder?


A woman after my own heart. What I really want to know, because I think you are well positioned to answer this question: What do you think fuels the coffee craze on social media? Why the hell are we so obsessed with posting coffee photos?

We love showing how cultured we are! Plus those VSCO filters really make that latte art pop.

True! Since I am sure we have some readers who want to prove how cultured they are, can you please give us some tips for making sure our coffee photos get the most likes?

Refer back to question #3 and always use those hashtags!

Since we’re having this coffee break virtually (or “fika” as I would call it since I am Swedish—you should go there, it has moody lighting and lots of coffee), I want to know if you have a few favorite Portland local roasters or cafes that you want to tell us about?

In all seriousness, Coava Coffee Roasters is my favorite.

Me too. I hope we get to go there together soon sometime. I’ll let you bring the magazines.

Anna Brones is a staff writer based in Paris, the founder of Foodie Underground, and the co-author of Fika: The Art Of The Swedish Coffee Break, available now from Ten Speed Press. Read more Anna Brones on Sprudge.

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