Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all and just go live on a remote island but also continue in your passion for serving people a well-crafted cup of coffee? Though your two great desires are seemingly incongruous, a tiny Irish island may have just the job opening for you. The Great Blasket Island is looking for someone to run their coffee shop temporarily, and they’re taking applications!

Great Blasket is the main island in the six-island cluster known as the Blaskets off the coast of county Kerry in southwest Ireland. It’s a little over 1.5 square miles in total and according to an article in Fox 8, there are only a handful of inhabitants, up from the 0 in the 2011 census. Though it is ghost town-adjacent (and probably haunted, right?), Great Blasket has become a bit of an eco-tourist spot due to its uninhabited craggy geography—voted #1 boat tour in Dingle! And the cafe has an opening.

Per the job posting on Twitter, the island is seeking management of the accommodations desk and coffee shop for the months of April through October. They are looking for a couple or two friends (or maybe two friends hoping for love to blossom in a romcom version of The Lighthouse perhaps?) and will provide food and lodging.

Maybe you just want to get back to the basics and appreciate serving coffee at its most fundamental as a way to recharge your coffee-excitement battery. This could be the job for you. Perhaps you’ve got a super-progressive, experimental prix fixe coffee concept you want to give a test run before unfurling on a wider audience; there’d be literally no one there to stop you. Are you trying to write your For Emma, Forever Ago magnum opus of a barista championship routine? Have a stint at 0fe (as I assume the cafe is called). Or maybe you just need half a year to let the heat die down and figure you may as well enjoy the many tax benefits of living in the Irish countryside. Great Blasket is that place.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get away, all interested parties to contact Alice at info@greatblasketisland.net for more information. Please include a headshot, photos of your latte art, and five ways you think you can increase bar flow efficiency.

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Top image via The Sun