A group has posted a video over the weekend called, “Kill the K-Cup (A Short Horror Film).” Styled in Blair Witch/Cloverfield “found footage”, the short follows a group of office workers celebrating a birthday down to a city littered with used K-Cups splurging forth from the mouths and wings of a K-Cup invasion.

The film, which borrows a line from Brian W. Jones’ 2011 hashtag campaign of the same name, has the hallmarks of a well-produced Half-Life fan video. It was uploaded to YouTube on January 8th by the mysterious user “Kill the K-Cup”, whom the CBC reports as being the Halifax production team Egg Studios. It was produced in partnership with Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co., whom we take it are not K-Cup fans.

It all starts at an office birthday party…


…and takes us outside to world littered with K-Cups.


A K-Cup mothership is spotted in the distance…


…shooting its K-Cup offspring all over the city.


While a K-Cup lizard creature perches high atop a building.


Watch out for the reptilian K-Cup creature’s mighty roar.


The film leaves us with one question on our lips…


Is this supposed to sell coffee, or make us all terrified…


…or what?

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