On February 26th, Common Man Coffee Roasters hosted the 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship, with 18 competitors coming together in an exciting and highly anticipated pressing of Aeros. Xin Yi Loke of Common Man was kind enough to share details, pictures, and winning recipes from the event with Sprudge.com.


Andy Easthope served as head judge (Head Trainer at Five Senses Coffee) with Charlize Kang (Business Manager of Santino), Josh Willis (Head Barista at Jones the Grocer), and finally Isaac Loh (2014 Malaysian AeroPress Champion).

The competition coffee provided by Common Man was a Finca Lerida (lot 10) Catuai from Panama, grown at an elevation of 1700–1850 masl, and honey processed.

At the end of the day, Marvyn Tan, a home brewer, took home the crown and will be representing Singapore at the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle.


1st Place – Marvyn Tan (Home Brewer)

Recipe (inverted)
• Dose: 20 grams
• Grind: 4.25 on a Marco Uber Grinder
• Technique: 50 ml pre-infusion at 93.5 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes (no agitation). Followed by pouring up to 200 ml. Stir vigorously and press.

2nd Place – Muhammad Fareez Bin Selim (Home Brewer)

Recipe (inverted)
• Dose: 15.5 grams
• Grind: 4.5 on a Mahlkönig EK 43
• Technique: Bloom for 30 secs with 94 degrees Celsius water. Then slowly pour up to 220 ml, followed by a 50 second press. Leave 10 ml in the AeroPress.

3rd Place – Cedric Tan (Jewel Coffee)

Recipe (inverted)
• Dose: 18 grams
• Grind: 4.5 on an EK 43
• Technique: Pre-infuse 40 grams of water at 90 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds. Then pour water up to 200 ml, followed by one quick stir. Steep for 1 minute and 45 seconds, stir 5 times and plunge.

Sprudge.com is the official media partner of the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit, and proudly partnered with Aerobie, makers of the AeroPress. 

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