Meet @ColdBrew420.

@ColdBrew420 is wise.

@ColdBrew420 sometimes forgets who @ColdBrew420 is.

But then @ColdBrew420 figures it out.

And then @ColdBrew420 wants you to drink @ColdBrew420.

Sometimes @ColdBrew420 goes to the beach.

When it comes to mentioning other Twitter users, @ColdBrew420 doesn’t quite get it.

@ColdBrew420 goes to the clubs we all want to go to.

@ColdBrew420 always has the best cold brew recipes.

@ColdBrew420 loves the Simpsons like we love the Simpsons.

@ColdBrew420 knows the choice is clear.

@ColdBrew420 dreams what we dream.

@ColdBrew420 is Beyoncé positive.

@ColdBrew420 is milk and sugar positive.

@ColdBrew420 is always celebrating with others.

@ColdBrew420’s Twitter avatar is definitely the best Twitter avatar.

@ColdBrew420 is topical.

@ColdBrew420 is a good wing man.

@ColdBrew420 wants to be felt.

@ColdBrew420 is always hip to the latest trends.

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